How To Never Worry About A Cracked Screen Again!

Liquid Titanium Shield makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to crack or scratch your screen


Have you experienced that unfortunate moment when your phone slips out of your hand and the screen is smashed to pieces? Well I have.

Being a geek, I first searched for a DIY solution online. to the rescue. Five steps, easy enough? Well not to me. Or maybe it was the 3 special screwdrivers I had to order.

Anyway I ended up bringing the phone to a local repair shop, spending more than I care to admit for a new screen and a nice (read : “ugly”) phone case that doubled it’s height. “Well, that’s for the better”, I thought. Little did I know it would only last a couple of weeks. Yes, the very same unbreakable phone, just got broken by falling again. Rage. Despair.

There’s got to be something better than these plastic cases from last century

Back to my local repair shop, my new best friend tried to sell me something that they just received and looked too good to be true. Something that would make my screen nearly indestructible : Wow Fix It. “I think I’ll pass if you don’t mind”, I said.

It actually took little research to find that the hype was real. Several videos showed that whether it was dropped or hammered, the screen ended with no pieces or scratches when Wow Fix It was applied.

How is that possible?

Wow Fix It uses the latest nanotechnology to add a scratch and shatter-proof Liquid Titanium Shield to your screen. The nanoparticles smooth the surface of the display and give it a hardness of 9H, which corresponds to the hardness of Sapphire or Ruby!

Step by step setup

1. Clean Your Screen
Use the included soft and gentle cleaning wipe.

2. Apply Wow Fix It
Rub the nanotechnology formula on your screen for 90 seconds.

3. You’re Protected!
Have peace of mind knowing your phone is safe!

The result

It took me less than 2 minutes to apply Wow Fix It to my screen. No, I didn’t try to hammer it. But I did try to scratch a corner. Easy at first. Then harder. To my surprise, the screen stayed perfectly clear. The product sold over 4 millions units in 4 months, and that’s for a reason. It really impressed me.

On a side note, Wow Fix it can also stop radiation and germs, but I must admit this is something hard to review. Have a look on their page if you want to know more.

Get Wow Fix It online for $17.99 only

Easy to apply
TUV certified 96% antibacterial
Electromagnetic radiation reduction


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